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titan Kickboxing Eastbourne

At Titan Kickboxing Eastbourne we are dedicated to the future of kickboxing by investing in our youth programme.

We take care to ensure the youths class has all elements your child needs to keep fit while learning how to defend themselves, learn discipline and improving self confidence.

We also make sure the children who train with us understand and respect kickboxing and make the children repeat the Titan kickboxing junior oath:

"We promise not to kick or punch ANYBODY outside the gym" — A promise our youths take very seriously.

I cant wait for Thursdays so I can go kickboxing!

Leon M, age 4

Titan is fun! I love hitting the pads!

Joe S, Age 5

The gloves were really heavy but I beat up a punch bag.

Susan R, Age 7
Titan Quote

I want to be world champion and a teacher.

Rudy F, age 10

Titan is so much fun, I train with my friends and we practice our grading moves at home.

Jack p, age 12

Sam is a great teacher. He knows lots about punching

Oswald S- Age 4

For enquiries, please contact Sam Davies on 07549 847700